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OakHaven Properties: Where Dreams Unfold

Step onto the verdant grounds of OakHaven Properties and find yourself in the heart of North Carolina’s romance. This stunning venue recently hosted an unforgettable wedding, where two hearts joined as one under the blessing of a breathtaking sunset.

With a dance floor that beckoned joyful celebration, the newlyweds and their 150 guests created memories to last a lifetime.

At OakHaven, your special day is bathed in the golden glow of evening light, promising picture-perfect moments. Tranquil and serene, yet alive with the tunes of love and laughter, our space is more than just a venue—it’s where your matrimonial dreams become a beautiful reality.

Come. Fall in love with the place where every detail is woven into the tapestry of your once-in-a-lifetime story. OakHaven Properties isn’t just about the "I do"—it’s about the unforgettable journey of joy, festivity, and love that envelops your day.

Envision using a classic car as your photo backdrop, adding a dash of vintage charm to your treasured snapshots. Imagine your friends and family gathered, the air electric with anticipation, waiting for that magical moment when you say yes to forever.

OakHaven is where nature’s beauty meets the elegance of celebration. It's not just the endearing sunset or the engaging dance floor—it's the experience of knowing that at OakHaven, your wedding day is truly, uniquely yours.

We invite you to share your vision with us and allow OakHaven Properties to set the stage for the union of your dreams. Capture the essence of love and bask in the warmth of shared smiles and intertwined hands.

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