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FEELS LIKE CHRISTMAS!!!! 10/14/2023 | Kristie

“YAY!!! I just got my package in the mail. It felt like Christmas as I opened the box. So beautiful. Even though I received the link already (and posted it everywhere and sent it to everyone), the box of DVD’s and Blurays brought a wave of renewed excitement over me. I love that Sugar shack offers their videos online. I was able to share with people who could not be there right away. And for all of those that were there, we keep laughing and talking about what a great day it was. Thank you Sugar Shack Films!!!!”


“My wife and I used Sugar Shack Films to video our wedding. Out of all of the people we hired to help us us make that day what is was, they were by far the easiest to work with. Our photographer even told us they wished all of the videographers they worked with were so great. If they both wanted to capture the same moments, they were able to work together seamlessly. And our final product is awesome! ”

VIDEO MATTERS 09/17/2023 | Laura

“All I wanted was a pretty dress, great food & music and all of my friends & family… and of course, a fabulous video to remember it all by.”

WORTH THE $$$ 09/10/2023 | Anna

“We were on a pretty tight budget and we have a friend that had offered to do a wedding video for us. Hearing more from John and hearing about his approach, how we could give input upfront about what was important to us, made us change our minds. We got a good sense of his professional, but relaxed demeanor and that really put us at ease. Then on the day of the wedding, Brandon had that same quality, chatting with us and our guests. He truly captured the mood and atmosphere of the day. Thank you Sugar Shack Films!”

THE SEARCH IS OVER! 07/08/2023 | Sarah

“When we found Sugar Shack Films online, we knew the search was over. The films are so engaging, so emotional and so heartfelt. Their style is unique and we love how they capture all the little details that make our videos so personal to us and to our wedding. We will forever recommend Sugar Shack. Book now! You won’t regret it. ”

FOLLOW THE SUGAR SHACK ROAD 07/01/2023 | Jessica

“John and his team was absolutely fabulous!! We got to meet them at a bridel show in Winston-Salem and they were so laid back. They made the entire planning process of our films easy. Everytime I called they picked up the phone. Every email I sent, they responded very quickly. On the day of the wedding they showed up around 10AM to start filming. Our ceremony was not until 5pm! Their style is non-intrusive and professional. They followed us to the reception venue and stayed to the grand exit. My parents were very pleased with the videographers as well as our guests and the two photographers. The wedding went so fast I can hardly remember anything, so having these videos lets me see things I missed. I am so thankful I got to have them as part of my special day. No second guessing, follow the Sugar Shack road :)”

VIDEO NINJA 06/17/2023 | Alice

“Simply put. Remarkable. To be able to capture all that we see on our videos with just one person is nothing short of amazing. Brandon must have been a ninja. He captured every single thing we wanted and more we didn’t even know to ask for. So professional and unobtrusive.”

FIRST CLASS ALL THE WAY 05/27/2023 | Tamara

“First Class! That is what you get when you hire Sugar Shack Films. We are so glad we didn’t trust just anyone with he most important day of our lives!”

TRULY PRICELESS 04/22/2023 | Sean

“Where do I begin? The Sugar Shack team rocks! They did an amazing job and seemed to be everywhere. They caught everything that we wanted on film and then some. The beautiful landscape, the decorations, all the people and all the smiles! All the right moments at all the right times. It is so overwhelming how fast the day goes by and now we have something truly priceless to look back on so that are memories are captured forever. Not only how everything looked, but how it felt. That emotion is something you can only get with video…and Sugar Shack delivered on emotion.”

PASS THE TISSUES! 04/15/2023 | Caroline

“I’m giddy over my wedding films. I watch the trailer, I cry, and then I watch it again! I never knew how much I would want to relive my special day and now I can as often as I want to. Thank you Sugar Shack Films!”


“These guys are really good at what they do. My wedding was in November of 2022 and I think they were just super busy, because I had a hard time getting in touch with them, but regardless everything else was a breeze. They said my video would only be around 50 minutes in length, it was over an hour and half! Thank you for the quality product.”


“Our wedding was January 02, 2023 and we already have our wedding films! My sister waited over 5 months get her films. We are delighted that not only did we get our films on time as promised, but we also got all of our precious memories recorded forever. Thank you.”

YOU WILL LOVE WHAT YOU GET 03/05/2023 | Alexander

“The reason why we decided to go with Sugar Shack Films is because the quality of their work is not only reflected in their videos, but their customer service is great. I don't recall not getting an answer from one of their staff members quickly. Everytime I called someone answered. My films were wonderful and so happy I got to have them as our wedding videographer. Spend a little more, and go with Sugar Shack. You will love what you get.”

I WOULD HIRE THEM AGAIN 02/25/2023 | Brittany

“Professional. Nice. On time. Great product. I would hire them again.”

SUGAR SHACK FILMS 100% 02/18/2023 | Sophia

“Quality video services and very affordable. I received my wedding video ontime, the packaging was great, and the quality even better. If you are looking for a great videographer I recommend Sugar Shack Films 100%”

TOP SHELF QUALITY 02/11/2023 | Cory

“My family had the privilege of having John with Sugar Shack Films join us for my big wedding day. The video they created was top shelf quality and I will watch it for years to come! They are very professional and go out of their way to make sure all parties are happy. What I loved most about our film was that they were able to capture the emotion in such a unique way. I highly recommend Suagr Shack for any type of wedding. The drone work they provided was flat out impressive. It looked like something that was capture by a large helicopter. Thank you John and your crew.”

SUGAR SHACK FILMS IS THE WAY TO GO 01/14/2023 | Danielle

“Sugar Shack Films is the way to go. They showed up early, stayed late. They got everything I wanted and then some with our shotlist/request. Our wedding was out past Asheville at Castle ladyhawk and they didn't even charge for travel. My sister had someone else do her video, she wishes she had known about Sugar Shack then, because my film is wayyyyy better than hers.”


“We had our wedding at Graylan in Winston-Salem. Sugar Shack Films was referred to us by a friend. Their video was soooooo good, so I had to get the same person. I paid extra to have them come film the rehearsal dinner since all of our toast were going to be that night. Quality quality QUALITY! is what i say about Sugar Shack. The product they give is worth far more than the investment. We paid double for our photographer. Don't make a mistake by going too cheap, go with Sugar Shack.”

WE KNEW WE HAD FOUND THE ONE 01/01/2023 | Ellen

“To us video was the most important item on our wedding list. We knew we would not be able to remember everything that happened during our wedding day so we search long and hard for a great videographer. We met John at the Carolina wedding show in Greensboro and after talking to him we knew we had found the one. Everything was filmed from start to finish. We had great audio from the ceremony and reception and our film was over an hour long. We got our DVDs in the mail about 6 weeks after our wedding. Thank you again for all your hard work.”

ALL I CAN SAY IS THANK YOU 12/30/2022 | Evan

“All I can say is thank you. You made all the moments of my wedding even better. Thank you for doing the interviews with my grandparents. These videos will be held close to our hearts for the rest of our lives. ”

OMG, I LOVE MY WEDDING FILM!!! 12/18/2022 | Stacy

“Let me first say i'm very very happy with what I got. I just wish it did not take as long, I was promised that I would get my video in 8 weeks but instead I got it in 10, if you are going to say 8 weeks, keep to your word. With that said, OMG, I love my wedding film!!! The audio during the ceremony was spot on. They got all of our vows, the kiss, us walking in and out. All the toast during the reception, they stayed until the end of the night. The video is amazing. Go with these guys.”

A WONDERFUL KEEPSAKE 12/17/2022 | Jamie

“At first videography wasn't on my list of priorities for our wedding. After attending multiple bridal shows and seeing sugar shack productions' work on the big screen, I couldn't help but think it would be a wonderful keepsake for us and our family. Very professional and easy to work with.”


“Video is the wave of the future so having Blu-rays, DVDs and a digital copy of our wedding was well worth the money. I was surprised that the videography was actually less expensive than the still pictures from the photographer. The sugar shack videographer was there for preparation, family gathering, ceremony, reception and final farewells. ”

DO YOURSELF A FAVOR 11/05/2022 | Tim

“My parents found sugar shack films online and decided to surprise us two months before our wedding date after we had already exceeded the original budget. We got our DVDs in about six weeks and ended up ordering extra so we could mail them out to family and friends. It was cool to see behind the scenes and excitement on everyone's faces. Do yourself a favor and check out online if videography is important.”

TWO BIG THUMBS UP 10/22/2022 | Becka

“Reasonably priced. The videographer got to the wedding early and stayed late. We received our video sooner than expected. Two big thumbs up.”

WELL WORTH THE WAIT 09/17/2022 | Jason

“I told John the owner that if anyone needed a reference and I'd be happy to be one. I actually have my video on my phone, and I'm not shy about showing everyone. There's a difference between having your uncle walk around with his iPhone making shaky videos versus the professional cinema quality that John and his crew create. I didn't understand why it takes six weeks to complete the video but he explained that there's editing, DVDs and Blu-ray's have to be burned and he has so many other customers that it takes that long to get the perfect result. Well worth the wait.”

VIDEO MAKES THE MOST SENSE 08/14/2022 | August

“If you Google wedding videography in High Point several names will pop up but the one I recommend is sugar shack films. My niece got married last October and the video came out beautifully. I attended the Marry Me bridal show in Greensboro and saw their booth with the big screen TV. These guys are pros and make wedding videos look like movies. I ended up chipping in on the cost on their "gold package." Weddings can get ridiculously expensive but if you think about something you can hold onto for years to come… Video makes the most sense.”

BOOK THEM EARLY 08/06/2022 | Kimmy

“I was referred to sugar shack by my cousin who got married in Asheville. Our wedding was in Martinsville, Virginia so I wasn't sure if they would drive that far. John was professional, courteous and willing to drive the extra distance even though his staff had two other weddings that same day. Book them early if you have your wedding date set.”


“How come A wedding videographer is actually less expensive than a wedding photographer LOL? Sugar shack films gave me a special promotion when I booked early from the bridal show and only required a 25% deposit. They had multiple cameras set up and our video ended up being over an hour. The end result speaks for itself, five stars for the sugar shack company.”


“I'm someone that wants things perfect. We had over a year to plan the perfect wedding so every detail counted. Planning the logistics of that one special day even with the help of family and friends can sometimes be a nightmare. I can say that John at sugar shack films made things easy. They are extremely experienced, understand all of the ins and outs associated with the ceremony, arrived early and made sure to capture all of the details in order to produce the best video possible. We couldn't be happier and definitely recommend them to anyone that wants a high quality video remembrance of your special day. ”

PICK THESE GUYS 03/27/2022 | Brittany

“If you're going to pick a videographer, pick these guys. They were $1000 less than the competition and their videos are much better.”


“Where do I start? First off after doing a consultation at their place in Kernersville I was sold. I knew from there on out I was in good hands. They had a questionnaire that I filled out for over an hour and they followed every request I made. I ended up getting a second videogapher on the day of my wedding at no extra cost and they stayed completely out of the way. Sugar Shack really has a method to the wedding maddness and was great to work with. My photographer even commented on how easy they were to work with. After everything was done, I got the links to my videos about a month after my wedding and my disc came shortly after. I can't thank sugar shack films enough for the outstanding work and professionalism they displayed at my wedding.”


“We got a high quality video at an afforable price. Turn around time was quick and the staff at Sugar Shack Films was very easy to work with.”

SENT US EXTRA DVDS! 02/05/2022 | Rhonda

“John and his team were absolutely wonderful! All of our wonderful moments were captured and we are now able to see them over and over. We got our films in 9 weeks and they even sent us extra DVDs! If you're planning on getting married call Sugar Shack.”


“Customer service was wonderful. The crew at Sugar Shack Films made our wedding day a breeze, I would hire them over and over again.”

THESE GUYS ARE FIRST CLASS 12/04/2021 | Ashton

“AHHMAZING.These guys are first class professional and do top quality work. We got our films five weeks later. I heard of some companies delivering in 3-4 months, not SugarShack. They were priced perfect too as it was a last minute decision with our budget, i'm glad we invested.”

MY VIDEOS ARE AMAZING 10/24/2021 | Taylor

“I'm really shocked I was able to get this good of a wedding film for the price I paid. My videos are amazing, I shared my creative film to all my friends on Facebook. Everyone is now asking me who did my wedding video.”

WE WERE BLOWN AWAY! 09/11/2021 | Kim

“We decided to book Sugar Shack Films for our wedding videography and we were blown away! During our day the team of videographers were easy to work with and anything asked they did. The videos that they created were amazing and we got links to share with all of our friends and family. It did take longer than they said it would, we got our videos in 12 weeks, but when they came in the mail it was worth it.”

THE SHORT FILM WAS STUNNING! 07/10/2021 | Shaine

“They covered the entire wedding from the time my wife got ready to the end of the night. The short film was stunning! We also liked our ceremony and reception films.”

8 WEEKS OF WAITING AND IT WAS WORTH IT! 07/02/2021 | Bridget

“My experience with Sugar Shack Films was great. My video was better than exspected, and could not ask for more. They did take a little while to get back with me after inquiring about the status of my video but I think they were just overwhelmed. I did get my video after 8 weeks of waiting and it was worth it!”

THEIR CREW IS AMAZING! 05/14/2021 | Casey

“I recommend Sugar Shack Films without reservation. Their crew is AMAZING! They told me they shoot their weddings with one videographer but i lucked up and got two! They delivered every to me within 6 weeks and the films look even better on TV. Thank you Sugar Shack Films for working so hard on my wedding.”

WHAT A DEAL! 05/08/2021 | Jessica

“The videographer arrived early to the venue and started filming right away. He stayed with us until the end of the night. We only booked his 6 hour package, What a deal!”


“The video Sugar Shack made for us is BEAUTIFUL! We will cherish this video forever!!!”

EXACTLY WHAT WE WANTED 03/13/2021 | David

“John with Sugar Shack helped us get the perfect wedding video. Exactly what we wanted, on time and very creative. We went with these guys because after meeting with them at the wedding show in Greensboro, Catie and I just knew that if are going to have people with cameras run around all day at our wedding, it needed to be these guys. Not only did their work impress us, but their attention to detail and willingness to work within our buget. Thank you Sugar Shack Films for wedding videos.”

ALL I CAN SAY IS WOW 02/27/2021 | Kelly

“Our wedding was last fall 2021 in Raleigh. We decided to go with Sugar Shack because of after talking with them over the phone, they seem to care about the details of our wedding, and made us feel like we were number one on their list. They showed up on time, they got everything and then some. We got our videos about 8 weeks after our date and the films were amazing! All i can say is wow! Our dvds came by shortly after that. If you want someone reliable, i'd go with Sugar Shack.”

THEY KNOW WEDDINGS PERIOD! 02/14/2021 | Amanda

“We were super stoked that we could get John as our videographer. A friend of ours had Sugar Shack as their wedding videographer and the film they made for them was beautiful! Mark and I were very pleased with the service they provided as they captured everything I requested while staying out of the way. If you are looking for someone who is friendly and provides great wedding videos, i'd look no futher than Sugar Shack Films. They know weddings PERIOD!”

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